Closed, secured, or athletic footwear is required for all attractions. No wheelies, flip-flops or open heel shoes allowed. Socks are required to enter Ballocity.


The NEWEST AND MOST EXCITING of our attractions at JAK's Warehouse by far. A rich, multi-sensory interactive 'indoor rollercoaster' attraction that uses special effects ensuring players are part of the action. Group play, real-time 3D graphics and an individual scoring system that creates a unique and competitive experience every time.


JAK’S Warehouse hosts a laser tag adventure like no other. With a gigantic laser tag arena, players are immersed in an environment where strategy is key to winning the game. Before entering the Laser Tag arena, players are briefed by the Marshals Squad, an elite gaming crew that prepares players for the urban themed black light arena. Players and teams must use stealth tactics to hit the other team’s laser vests and avoid getting hit by their opponents. Team can consist of up to 10 players each, and the first to knock out the other opponents win!


JAK'S PEAK is a new attraction to Jak's Warehouse. Try your hand at 3 different challenging rock walls. Must be 44" or taller.


We are not limited to one laser attraction as JAK’S also has its own state-of-the-art Laser Maze. It’s a high-tech interactive game that uses a series of lasers, mirrors and different effects to deceive players as they attempt to make their way through the maze. Guests must complete a variety of physical and mental obstacles in order to advance further in the maze. This may include climbing over or under lasers, avoiding beams bounced off mirrors and navigating through the maze, like a spy.


Ballocity participants must be 54″ or Shorter. Socks Required!

Have a ball in one of JAK’S largest attractions. The Ballocity is the ultimate climbing environment for guests of all ages. Ballocity features a series of climbing tubes, slides, foam ball launchers and much more. With 4-stories and multi-level platforms, Ballocity creates an interactive experience for guests as they move through climbing stations all while firing the play-safe foam balls and dumping buckets of the balls on other guests.


Sky Trail participants must be 48″ or
taller and have a signed waiver

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, team building opportunity, or rope climbing experience, look no further than the Sky Trail. The Sky Trail is a 3-story climbing and ropes course that allows guests to swing through the air and have a bird’s eye view of all that JAK’S Warehouse has to offer. The Sky Trail features multilevel platforms that allow guest to try different ropes skills.


Bumper Cars require a minimum height of 40″ tall

Bump, bang and maneuver your way around your friends, as you enjoy a classic game of bumper cars. JAK’S hosts an indoor bumper car arena that allows guests to experience the excitement of the power and mobility of these cars. Whether young or old, bumper cars bring out a rush of excitement, and the thrill of being a kid again.


Go-Kart drivers must be 54″ tall or taller

Race through the main floor of JAK’S on the coolest set of wheel you will ever find at a go-kart track. JAK’S Go-Karts are sponsored by local or national business to give you the feel of a being in a real racecar. Each car features a unique design that adds to the experience. Our Go-Karts provide the ultimate thrill ride for our guests and features a large track that is filled with several turns that test the skills of the drivers. This attraction is great for families, friends, and guests with competitive spirits. And, there is a bonus! The track is 100% indoors; allowing guests to enjoy this thrill ride year round!


If arcade games are more your speed, look no further than the Arcade and Redemption Center at JAK’S Warehouse. JAK’S has one of the largest arcades in Northwest Indiana and the South Chicagoland area.¬†With more than 40 exciting games that test your gaming skills, JAK’S is a gamer’s paradise. Load up the fun!

And no worries about keeping track of tickets or coins; JAK’S has a high tech system in place to keep track of your points. JAK’S Redemption Center is fully stocked with tons of exciting prizes! If you do not have enough time to get enough points to get the cool prize you have your eye on, save them on your card and redeem next time!


With so many games and fun attractions, JAK’S is the ideal place to host a party! JAK’S has 6 Party Rooms available to make your special day even better. Our trained party staff will cater to your needs and make sure that the fun keeps flowing throughout your entire party. JAK’S offers 2 cool party packages that allow guests to extend the fun to friends and family. Each package includes 13 party passes.

For more information on Party Rooms and Party Packages, check out our available packages!